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The team at Sylvan Family Chiropractic is made up of skilled wellness professionals who are dedicated to getting our patients back to optimal health. We offer a range of specializations and skills to meet the individual needs of each one of our patients.


Dr. Lance McAfee

Clinic Owner | Chiropractor

Dr. Lance McAfee is a chiropractor and wellness expert dedicated to providing the highest standard of safe and gentle chiropractic care. He believes that wellness is a combination of health and happiness, and empowers his patients to take control of their own health and wellness without drugs or surgery. 
His advanced approach goes far beyond pain management to address the underlying cause of health for each individual and maximize the body's natural ability to heal itself.
His practice has a strong focus on safe chiropractic during pregnancy, gentle chiropractic for children, and family wellness care, along with nerve system and musculoskeletal issues such as back, neck pain, headaches, and sciatica. 
Dr. McAfee is currently taking advanced training by the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association (ICPA) to specialize in safe and gentle chiropractic care for pregnant women and children.  This will include becoming certified in the Webster Technique to gentle reduce pregnancy pains and balance the pelvis for childbirth, all while honouring the maternal body.  Chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy are well known to help with back pain, sciatica, and headaches but modern chiropractic and pregnancy research is showing benefit for breech presentation, hormone balancing, and digestive issues as well.
Dr. McAfee enjoys taking care of children and providing chiropractic for infants and kids of all ages. Dr. McAfee also provides chiropractic wellness checkups to help ensure kids grow up healthy and happy.
Dr. McAfee is a golf fanatic which lead him to extra training through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). TPI training allows Dr. McAfee to identify and correct the improper golf swing mechanics and musculoskeletal dysfunctions that lead to injury and worse, the 'double bogey blues.'


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